Belt Nova is a shopping center for fashion lovers. There are so many websites for clothing, jewelers and shoes, but as a fashion lover, We think belts can also do a upshot for fashion. That`s why we design online shopping center for belts. On our website you can easily find latest stylish belts.

Our Mission

To provide the most actionable belts selling website. Today we provide the latest belts in the industry. We want to make worldwide belts available to as many people as possible.

Our Founding

Belt Nova was founded by K. H. J. C. Jayarathna and it was started as an online group of belt sellers. We understand that there is many different belts worldwide. So we think if we can get all these belts in one place it will be very easy to find also customers can get an idea about the styles, brands, prices etc.

Where Does the Name "Belt Nova" Come From?

All companies that strove for engaging their customers with openness and integrity. from the very beginning, We felt passionately about bringing that same integrity to the fashion industry.

Contact Us

To learn more about Belt Nova or to ask any question please contact us on below mail.
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